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  • ok. this is becoming really frustrating. i have a site that i moved from one server to a new server. ever since i moved the files i now cannot see the flash media uploader. this is annoying as i need to be able to upload multiple images at once.

    i am on a mac and using firefox or safari (doesnt work in either), was on flash 10 but have downgraded to flash 9 to see if it changed anything – did not.

    i am using wordpress 2.8. i have installed a test site with WP 2.7 and it still doesnt work.

    i have mod security set to off in my .htaccess file. and my host says that they think it could be a flash problem with wordpress.

    the weird thing is i have another site on a different server altogether, that works perfectly. which makes me think that it is a server problem. i am getting very confused.

    the problem is created when i go to posts>add new – then i try to add images. the flash uploader doesn’t appear at all, i just get the browser uploader.

    can ANYONE help me please? i am banging my head against a wall here with not enough knowledge as to how to fix. many thx in advance.


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  • i am having pretty much the same problem. the interesting thing is that the flash uploader works fine on windows – it’s just on mac (firefox and safari, anyway) where the flash uploader isn’t available.

    i’m pretty sure it’s something that can be remedied by tweaking server settings, but for all the googling (modsecurity seems to be a frequently suggested culprit), i haven’t really found any solution yet.

    Same problem here….is there anybody working on this issue out there??

    you can try the solution suggested at – it seems to work for me.

    i’m still interested in finding out how to edit my server settings such that i don’t require an edited copy of the media.php file, though.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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