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  • Hi,
    I have successfully managed load a flash movie into my blogs header. I now want to extend this where i load images into the flash movie at runtime rather than having the images contained withing the libbrary of the movie.

    However when i update my movie and upload the images to the server the movie does not display.

    Any idea why this would not display?
    Am i missing something?

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  • whooami



    …Am i missing something?

    Obviously, and you haven’t provided enough information to help much.

    Does the movie load the images when you view it standalone? if not, you havent coded your flash properly. In which case, you ought to be on a flash support forum probably.

    Yes the movie works fine in a standalone.
    I also uploaded all files onto my server and added the movie into a .htm file and it displays fine.




    There was a similar post to this a while back.

    Are you loading the images internally using AS or are you passing an external query?

    i am using AS:


    where fileName.jpg resides on the server




    and the .swf is located at the root of your wordpress install, inside a subdir, or in a theme dir?

    If I remember correctly, flash movies that load images do log those hits to Apache’s logs. I had a case where a certain person was using an image of mine within one of his own flash objects. I knew because I saw the hit in my logs.

    I would start with adjusting the path to the images inside that movieclip — if need be, you might want to use the full URL to the images.

    You might also want to check your server logs to see if there are any 404s being generated.

    the .swf is located in a sub dir of a theme dir.

    But you were right. i needed to use the full path and not the relative path. The images now load in fine.

    Guess i should have tried that early on. Thanks for your help.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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