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  • That is really cool. I think that if you could get it to work as a template it would prompt a whole new wave of flash based wp blogs and templates. Congrads and thanks for doing all the work to set it up for the rest of us.

    Cron – Symmetry In My Mind

    Well, I may or may not expand it. It depends on my free time.

    For anyone interested in this, you can download the sample source

    If you have a basic understanding of PHP and Actionscript, you’ll be able to modify it to your needs easily.

    Exactly what I was looking for, Compl. I’m doing a script for a friend, grab the latest blog entry and throw it into a dynamic text box; it works, but I scripted it to just count all the entries in wp_posts and take the entry with that id. It worked on my machine, but their blog has been running for a few months, not a few days, and it didn’t see all of the entries, didn’t count to the right number, and pretty much only kinda worked. I will post here after looking over your work and see if I can fix mine to actually look through the entire database by date, a better method than counting entries, and post a link to the php/fla’s here when I’m done.

    Although it’s grabbing the wrong entry, it’s still pretty cool to see ANY of the blog entries on a flash front end… hehe…

    Pretty dang cool. The best part is that one can discern from the source code how to do it all.

    Please keep sharing, and maybe put some “development” area on your web site so we can contnue to get all of the juicy details. it is very helpful for those of us whose coding stengths live in different realms, or in my case – different eras.

    This flashwars methode should be slow when the content increase.
    I’m not sure it’s the best way for your purpose…

    Is anyone build a wordpress flash frontend with flash remoting ( or else)?

    It was just an experiment. I’ve moved on to another CMS, as WordPress wasn’t sufficient for my purposes.

    The files are no longer available from my site. Sorry.

    I’d love to see it, but I’m being prompted to supply a username and password for “Install”. What is that about?

    @compl33t: if you intend to drop it entirely, you might want to submit the code to the repository for others who might want to persue the work.

    I’ve noticed a large amaount of people coming to looking for this project. I do not use WordPress anymore. It is the best opensource blogging software out there, but was not sufficient for my purpose.

    As I’ve mentioned, I’ve removed the zip file from the site, and I haven’t got it on my PC anymore.

    If someone downloaded it before it was removed, please mail it to me: compl33t at gmail dot com.

    I’ll gladly host it again.

    Okay, people.

    The file is once again available for download at:

    Hope it helps. 🙂

    I may just decided to continue on this using a different method, like remoting. If I do, and I make progress, I’ll post it right here.

    Site will be down for a while. When it gets back up, it’ll have a whole section dedicated to this cause. 😀

    I’m back on WP. That’s the address you can get the file at now.

    Enjoy. 🙂

    This source is awesome. It has great potential.. I’ve buit a version that loads a thumbnail (specified in a custom field) into flash for each post of a certain category.
    I’m using it in my portfolio site:

    I’m gonna spend a few days tidying it up and then I’ll release the sources and hopefully provoke some more flash/wordpress experimentation.

    a c


    Thanks. 🙂 I’m freakin’ busy with varsity atm, but I finish this year in a month or so, then I’m planning on looking at a either 1)Expanding the existing code – because I’ve got quite a few posts and the speed’s still okay…or 2)Using a remoting method with something like amfphp.

    We’ll see what happens 😀

    jimboready, look forward to seeing your source for that, I’ve been thinking of doing this, or expanding into a basic CM for Flash for ages.

    any chance you could email it to me?

    3stripe AT gmail DOT COM

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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