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  • I’ve got a flash banner from an old site I’m remaking with WordPress, and it needs to be shown on every page.

    I’ve tired within my index.php plcing the full embed code AND a <?php require_once(flash.php) ?>

    However both of them cause the browser to freeze, both IE and FF.

    The flash banner works, because going to the direct flash.php file in the address bar brings up the page and plays it fine. It also works in an iframe… but I don’t want to use and iframe because there will be links and the iframe wont fit around the flash player properly in both browsers.

    Any reason why this isnt working but I’ve had flash work on other ones fine?


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  • @versipellis
    I don’t have any insight into this problem, but I would like to know if you ever found any solution to the problem you were having 5 months ago with Flash and permalinks. I have a site that uses Flash navigation in the sidebar and banner – and also has embedded Flash in the body of several pages. It all works fine until I turn on custom permalinks. When I do that, none of the Flash will display – except on the home page – just as you describe it. I am using absolute URLs for the .swf and .flv files, but this does not seem to matter.

    This is the first time I have tried to find information about it and I’m very surprised at how little is available, especially here on

    Mark McLaren

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