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  • Mian


    I installed flare few hours ago and the first thing I encountered was the buttons were not showing. So looked around but was unable to find anything that is related to this my problem. Anyhow I started disabling plugins one by one and found out that Jetpack is not getting along with Flare.

    Is there any solution for this as really like jetpack for stats or any replacement for jetpack?


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  • This indeed turns out to be the problem. I found the same behaviour. Flare shows up on the posts, but not on the pages when Jetpack is activated.

    The functionality of Jetpack can be had by installing separate plugins for each functionality that you are using from Jetpack but I don’t think that is the way to go.

    I would imagine Jetpack to be one of the most used plugins coming from WordPress and installed by default.

    Hopefully the developer of Flare will address this issue soon, as there not been an answer on this forum for a couple of weeks now.

    Well… same here – it started after the latest Jetpack update and since DT do use there own plugin on their site I hope they will notice this if they do use the latest Jetpack



    Well I have turned off Flare for now but I really would appreciate if the author of this plugin could take a little time to make this work. Till now all the hit and trial methods to make it work failed on my side. Maybe if I get more time i will try again..



    Ok here is a work around just go into to jetpack settings and deactivate sharing and socialize. This will fix the Flare display problem. It worked for me and hoping it will work for you as well. Do clear your cache before checking…

    Can anyone tell me how to shorten the url’s for twitter with Flare??

    I deactivated jetpack altogether as I was only using the web stats and Google Analytics is the better tool for that.

    And it is better to start a separate topic for your Flare twitter question. A better chance that those in the knowing will see it.

    same problem. fix please

    Suddenly Flare isn’t showing up consistently for me either.

    I’ve got no JetPack services enabled. Flare still isn’t acting right except on my home page.

    Yes, same here. Disabling JetPack makes Flare work, but I cannot stop JetPack because of some parts that are needed.



    I already have explained the fix which is a work around but it works perfectly. Here is a working sample, PSD Designs or

    I hope you guys will visit jetpack settings than look for sharing panel than click on learn more and than deactivate button. Same goes for socialize section. Please do this and everything will work perfectly fine.

    For OzManic, I have checked your website and mate you have jetpack installed please follow above steps to solve the issue.

    I love jetpack and with new features like free cdn for images I am loving it more now.

    +Mian Yes, your solution works, thanks. I see it only as a short term solution as I would not disable both those sub-plugins to make some other work, there must be some solution for fixing it completely.



    I agree and we are waiting for a solution from plugin vendor but to be honest I am very disappointed with the support. Lets hope the authors come back soon with a solution…

    I’ve been disappointed with the support, and I appreciate that you stepped in to help where you can.

    In the 2 days since I last posted, I found another haring plugin. I disabled Jetpack and Flare still wasn’t working. But I decided that my site needed some kind of sharing buttons so, I installed something else. and re-enabled Jetpack. Maybe I’ll revisit Flare another time. I definitely like the way it looks and functions (when it’ functioning properly).

    +OzManic Please tell us which plugin works for all of us to know. 🙂

    I just checked and noticed that I simply reverted back to JetPack.
    Seems strange that sharing plugins have been tough to get working. I’ve downloaded several and ended up with JetPack.

    A couple were incompatible with the Suffusion theme. Hupso has sent me a patch for Suffusion and I’m going to give that a try.

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