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  • First an apology: Not clear whether this is a Flamingo or a CF7 issue, so please feel free to move it if neccessary.

    In Flamingo ‘Inbound messages’ when I select the ‘Filter’ option I get a list of Channels that include many from forms that were deleted some time ago and no longer appear in my list of CF7 forms.

    Reading the Support forum I found this topic from 2 years ago:

    Channel names for renamed forms not updated in Flamingo inbound messages

    which does seem to explain why I’m seeing these entries – (for some forms I need an annual update, so have used Duplicate then Rename to get a quick ‘working copy’ of the new variant form. The resulting Channel list is difficult to explain to non-techy users of the input messages list? There does not appear to be an easy way to remove these Custum Taxonomy entries without having more WP coding skills that I’m confident with, so I’m stuck with a messy user interface?
    Going forward I can use Copy / Paste to create the new variant and avoid the problem but I’d like to clear up if possible?
    In your earlier reply you suggested that this issue was on your ‘ToDo’ list? Is it possible to escalate a solution – or even a work-around?

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  • Screenshot example available if needed.

    Flamingo 2.1
    WP 5.2.4
    CF7 5.1.3

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    Current versions of Contact Form 7 update the inbound channel name of Flamingo when a contact form title is changed.



    Thanks for the speedy reply. I should have realised from viewing the Channel list in Flamingo that this bit of the problem had been fixed. Mea culpa!

    This still leaves a problem in that CF7 does not remove the Channel name when a Form template is deleted. So in my case I see a list of 15 possible Channels 9 of them now have a post count of zero and the associated form templates in CF7 have been deleted after archiving / deleting linked posts.

    Should there be an option in either CF7 or Flamingo to remove the Custom Taxonomy name from WP if the form template no longer exists AND the associated post count is zero? It would certainly tidy up the Flamingo Filter / export process and make it easier to use.



    I’m having this issue as well. I have made a lot of contact forms in contact form 7 by duplicating a form and then changing the name and information. Flamingo’s Channel list does not update the names when the inbound messages come in.

    For example I created my Subscribe form by duplicating my Contact Form. In Flamingo, when I make a submission on my Subscribe form, it comes up as Contact Form.

    Is there some way we can fix this?

    Thank you.

    Any help with this?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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