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  • I write this review with reluctance, and I’m prepared to change it depending on the author’s response.

    You see, I encouraged the author to create a way to migrate content from WP-Ad-Manager, a fork of Ad-minister. Both have been out of production for several years and it was time to make a chance to a more featured plugin.

    After migrating two sites to AdRotate, I ran into a glitch. When I brought up one of the sites, which had a block of four separate banners, on atop another, with separate shortcodes and positioning, one ad would repeat itself, meaning the actual fourth banner would not be visible. A refresh would fix it until I brought up the site again, but clearing browser caches and using different browsers didn’t change anything. The duplicated banners would also sometimes change. It wasn’t just one.

    When I brought this to the attention of the author, with screenshots, I was told on several occasions it had to be my fault. I must be a dummy and somehow duplicated the banner code. But that’s not so. I checked it. The duplicated banners sometimes changed, and a browser refresh would fix it.

    So how could it just be duplicated banner code?

    I wrote the author again and made it crystal clear what the problem was and that the banner code, shortcodes and positioning were correct..


    One the problem, or at least a symptom: With AdRotate installed, the two sites have four times as many MySQL queries (120 versus 30). The author’s sarcastic dismissal: Well, that’s because AdRotate does more. I have a dedicated server with a multicore processor, so perhaps it’s not a big deal. But it might be on a shared server.

    I made the code changes on a copy of the original theme. I’ve since restored the original theme at WP-Ad-Manager to restore proper functionality.

    Blaming a problem on the customer doesn’t solve it, or dismissing a problem with an offhand crack, doesn’t address either situation.

    That’s why I cannot recommend this plugin.

    Gene Steinberg

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  • Hello – I’m just replying to because I’d faced the similar issue with a different plugin as well. And as per my observation, the duplicate ad issue shouldn’t be because of the plugin. Instead, it’s the ad provider which is controlling the ads. For example, I was using a large banner ad and another one was of 728*90 size and their codes were different as well but both of them popped up the same ad. It does look bad but potentially it could be because there weren’t enough ad inventory available.

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