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  • I’m wondering if WP could be changed or if the comment moderation function could be changed somewhat. Perhaps this is even appropriate for a plugin, but here’s my thoughts…

    I just decided to check all of my comments to see if any of them fail in relation to my current Spam word list and/or blacklist. WP flagged 18 possible spam comments, and of course, put them into the moderation queue. After examining them, they were all legitimate comments. This made me wonder, then, why we shouldn’t / couldn’t have a “flag” or “marker” for legitimate comments. If we had this, then we wouldn’t have to worry about legit comments getting moved to moderation as possible spam. Also, a plugin could also go through all the posts, and say, tag all of the previous comments by approved posters as being legitimate as well.

    Just thought I’d run this up the flag pole and see who salutes it.

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  • Well, I think Spam Karma 2 handles all of this beautifully, and allows easy adding of “flags” for future references.

    Give that a try and see if it changes anything on your score card.

    I’ve used SK2. Not really what I’m looking for…I need to re-evaluate my question and more effectively get across the kind of functionality I’m thinking about. 🙂

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