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  • Hi guys,

    This bug is due to recent changes to the Facebook API. More specifically in concerning Fotobook among similar affected apps, as of the 1st of August 2012 the ‘prompt_permission’ endpoint(among others) has been deprecated, as described in the link below.

    Fotobook can access and get permissions regarding ‘Basic Info’ which seem to be done in Step 1 of the Fotobook Account Setup, but it fails at getting the ‘photo’ and ‘video’ access permissions which is attempted in Step 2. Hence the error you see on Facebook when attempting to complete Step 2 ‘Request Permissions’ using WordPress Fotobook in the Fotobook Settings/Setup page:

    ERROR: This endpoint has been deprecated. To temporarily reenable it, you may disable the “august_2012” platform migration. It will be disabled permanently on August 1, 2012.

    I finally figured out a fix for this myself, based on the new way of requesting permissions using the Facebook API, described in the link below:

    Ideally, the changes should be implemented in the Fotobook Code, but given certain legal implications I’m not sure how feasible that would be, unless permission is granted by the Fotobook owner/developer.

    However, You CAN work-around this without getting into the code.

    Here is the Solution:
    Note: You might have to first remove your Facebook account from Fotobook, as well as remove the Fotobook App from Facebook, before you attempt the solution.

    1)Install latest version of Fotobook on your WordPress Host, making sure it has PHP 5

    2)Under Settings -> Fotobook in wordpress, Complete ‘Step 1’ of Facebook Account Authentication, closing the popup window when requested by the message displayed.

    3)Press ‘Step 2: Request Permissions’ button, which should take you to the Facebook popup with the deprecation Error. Close this popup window and immediately open a new tab in your browser. Paste the following url into the address bar of the new tab and press enter (I presume client_id and app_id are the same for you guys, since they correspond to Fotobook ID):,user_photos,user_photo_video_tags

    4)You should now be able to allow Fotobook permissions to access your Facebook photos and videos by pressing allow.

    5)Go back to WordPress Settings -> Fotobook and complete the Facebook account setup by clicking on ‘Step3: Apply Permissions’ button.

    6)You should now be able to Import the Albums from your account, as expected.

    This worked for me. Let me know if you have any troubles with it.
    I haven’t been able to find any other solution on the web, even though lots of people are having issues with it since the 1st of August.

    Best regards,
    Sebastian Csadi

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  • The plugin will probably need to be rewritten as a whole..

    I’ll do my best and try to recode it, I have some partners who’d like to see this plugin running again, and it’d be a great learning experience for me.

    Just hang on for just a little more 😉

    I’ve been trying to mess around with this, no luck however. I would appreciate it if someone could take over this app and get it working. It is exactly what I am looking for.

    Plugin Author aaron_guitar


    Hello everyone,

    The trouble is that Facebook has really tightened down on how apps are allowed to integrate with their API. I will try to find some time to dig around their documentation and see if my current plugin is salvageable. Anyone else who might have some insight, please chime in.


    Plugin Author aaron_guitar


    Out of curiosity, what makes Fotobook better than a solution like the NextGen Gallery plugin? I no longer use Fotobook so I’m curious as to how much demand there really is for it.


    Fotoboook has been by far the best solution for anyone who prefers to use Facebook for their photo and album storage/sharing and simply wants to display those photos on their personal or organization website.
    I use it on so many websites and I really haven’t been able to find any other plugin or process that could recreate what Fotobook does.
    To give you a better idea, I run a website for an organization which has a presence on many different social media platforms. We have our event photos loaded on Facebook and with Fotobook there’s no need to re-upload every set of photos to WordPress and to style the display, create new pages, etc. it’s all done and in sync.
    It’s fast, simple, and it works (or it used to anyways 🙂

    (note: I’ve been using Fotobook with the Modification For Fan Page and Group Photos)

    i agree with @pleenhou,
    this is an amayzing plugin with a great flexibility.
    all i need to do is to tell my client to press one button and all of his photos are up.
    also, i would like to add the in my cuntry the hosting services give about 250 MB of storage and it’s limiting the amount of photos the user can upload before he needs to pay more. with this plugin the problem is solved

    please fix the problem, for human kind and a better world 🙂

    Why to use Fotobook? It is, by far, the best plugin to manage facebook photo albums.

    The plugin creates a page for each album with permalinks structure (seo friendly). Also, if you are web designer, you can integrate the look and feel of the albums with the look and feel of the site. You can also update albums at once and Fotobook creates the needed pages for you and is really easy to hide albums.

    I don’t find all these features in any other plugins.

    Please Aaron, give the plugin a new try!

    ps: sorry for my bad english.

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