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  • For years I have used WordPress with relative ease. One thing I have always wished for was a more advanced and intuitive UI for page editing. For example, adding in native table creation/editing, a special CSS override component, Super/Subscript buttons and so on.

    But I never imagined that WP would go the way of drag & drop tile placement UI. This new design jumbles up my existing pages, there is not a clear path to access the standard tools of the trade now, I spent a lot of time trying to hover over things and clicking around trying to find the most basic things, and in general felt pretty frustrated with the experience. This interface is popular on sites like Weebly and the new Google Sites. If we wanted that then we would have hosted with a platform that uses this UI design.

    If you want Gutenberg to be a success, it has to be able to do everything the old editor did PLUS all the new things you want it to do. If it doesn’t interface well with existing sites then no one will want to update to this new editor because it is going to break everything people already built! Either make the new editor optional or feature it as an “enhanced” editing mode that you can switch to from the classic interface.

    I had to uninstall Gutenberg and switch back to Classic pretty quickly because it was near impossible to do what I needed to with it. From what I am seeing across the review board, there are MANY things that need to be done to make this a viable project upon completion. Please make sure you don’t force people into an editor that is sub par from what you have had established in your program.

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  • I agree with you completely. On my sandbox, the only block thing I used was the classic, and it is not as good as the original editor IMO.

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