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    My Dating and Attraction Blog uses WordPress. I’ve recently switched from Joomla!, and guess what: the header tags aren’t set sensibly in the default theme. In particular, article titles aren’t wrapped in <h1> tags because the blog name gets put there.

    I’ve made some hacks to the default theme to fix this. I’m not a guru at theme hacking, so my fixes may not be ideal, but it’ll give you the idea.

    Joomla! doesn’t get this right be default either. It makes no sense to me when content management systems don’t follow basic SEO rules out-of-the box. I hope this gets fixed in the WordPress core, because having good SEO out-of-the-box would give WordPress a compelling advantage over the competition.

    Cheers, Graham

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  • The above is a big SEO issue with the vast majority of WordPress themes.

    The majority use a H1 header for the name of the blog and H2 for the title of the article!

    It should be H1 header for the title only for the home page and monthly type archive pages, rest ideally wouldn’t have a header at all (style them like a header using CSS) and H1 used for the name of the article and name of Categories and Tags.

    H2 headers are generally used on the sidebar as well, another waste of SEO relevance.

    I had a quick look at your zip file and it’s a good start, if you wanted to take it to the next level you’ll want to include if statements for categories, tags and even search pages (I have loads of sites with search results indexed in google). Take a look at to see it all in action (no wasted headers), view a variety of pages and view source to see. I’ve worked years on SEOing WordPress themes and I make the best optimized WordPress themes available today by far.

    BTW it’s not WordPress core at fault here, it’s the themes, though it could be argued the default themes shipped with WordPress could incorporate some basic SEO into them.


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