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  • Attempting to solve the error No rules defined for <p> in the context of Paragraph.

    I get it for each paragraph of every article written I write. Everything else runs well (connected to Facebook, API works, everything is going through just fine) but the articles are coming up blank and FB is telling me that the article has no content.

    I saw that a few people that had empty content issues but I couldn’t find any with the same issue, or a working fix.

    Do I have to write a custom <p> transition rule for the plugin, and if so, does anyone have one that works?

    Version details:

    WordPress 4.5.2
    PHP: 5.6.29
    Plugin: 2.10

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  • I think it’s caused by any paragraph inside another paragraph.

    I triggered this error with a custom transformation that transformed into “ParagraphRule”, resulting in the div becomming a p, but there were already p inside that div, so now there were p in the p and it triggered the error.

    If you don’t have any custom transformations going, try reviewing the post for any stray p tags that might be causing nested paragraphs in your output. Use the “toggle debug information” button in the Facebook Instant Articles to see the raw HTML output that FB IA is working with.

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