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    Well, I’m having a problem with the menu, the title doesn’t describe very well the problem. The problem is the following:

    I want to click on an item from the menu to load a page, until here it’s ok, of course, lol, but when loading the new page, and here is the problem, I need the child ul with the child pages to appear oppened, more specifically with display block.

    I’m doing it only with css hover, but that’s not very much user-friendly in a vertical menu, and doesn’t make the people to click on the parent items, and to finish when one of the child pages is loaded, the user doesn’t know where he’s at.

    Well, thank you in advance, I hope someone here can help me. To show you better the problem, here is the link to the page I’m trying to do.

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  • Any way to recognize if we are in the presence of an item’s child page? A function I don’t know about, something like the way $_GET[“page_id”] works, making an hidden ul change to block if you’re in a specific page that is child of another… The problem with this, is that we have to be specific about which page are we talking about, instead of a possibel function that may exist to know, again, if we are in the presence of an item’s child page…

    Thank you! But I’ve done it like this, since wordpress adds classes all the way to ancestor when you click until the last child:

    .children {
         display: none;
    .current_page_item .children,
    .current_page_ancestor .children,
    .current_page_ancestor .current_page_parent .children {
         display: block;
    .current_page_item .children .children {
         display: none;
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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