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  • Lots of the avatars on comments on my site are missing images. They show as broken links, either 404, 403 or 400 errors. It may not be a big deal, but the fewer broken links the better.

    In some cases the broken link is to a Facebook avatar.They look like this:

    I can’t begin to troubleshoot these ones.

    However, others look to be linked to a Twitter avatar:

    In most of these cases I can find my way back to the Twitter account. Most of the so-called broken links are to live Twitter accounts with normal Twitter avatars. That means they should be fixable.

    The simple way to fix the broken link is to remove the comment. But that seems overkill. If a broken link shows in a comment email address I can fix that manually from the comment edit screen.

    Is there a way to fix broken comment avatars?

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  • i have probleme with this facebook broken link at

    Which comment plugin do you use? Can you share your page URL that you are broken Comment Avatar’s.

    There is no comment plug-in.

    Here is a page with a broken Facebook avatar link. There’s only one link so it’s easy to find:

    And here’s one to a missing Twitter avatar link. It’s about half way down the comments:

    I should point out to others reading this that the broken links may be fixed or removed by the time they find this forum post.

    Are you sure there’s no comment plugin, Bill? Those look suspiciously like Jetpack comments 🙂
    Anyway, I’m having exactly the same problem, and I have reported it to the Jetpack tech support – . Perhaps you may want to do the same.

    Ah yes, I do have Jetpack. I thought you meant an alternative comment plug-in.

    It may be worth pointing out that I moved the site from about six weeks ago. All the comments with missing avatars came across from the .com version.

    Hi Bill,

    I believe that avatars were displaying perfectly while you where in Facebook Avatars wont work if you have change your URL. And I think you do had a domain change while you migrated from The same is applicable with Twitter Avatars also.

    If you remove the part before ‘’ in your Facebook Avatar URL, you will be directed the original Avatar.

    I don’t think the avatars were unbroken before I moved. I did a link check before the transfer and there were some, although not as many.

    When you say domain change, do you mean the domain name switched from the server to the new host? That happened but there were no other changes. The domain is the same as before, so is the link structure.

    Remember this broken avatar problem only applies to some avatars. Many are just as before.

    How can I remove part of the Facebook Avatar URL? I can maybe do this from the database, is that how you’d fix it?

    If I say, this broken URL issue is applicable to all the avatars which have used a Facebook or Twitter login. Removing the mentioned part is only applicable in the case of Facebook avatar, for twitter avatar it wont help. I think taking this issue to Jetpack support may do much better.

    Thanks Nebu John. I don’t think it is all avatars, but I do think it’s a question for the Jetpack team. I have a premium account, lets see how that works.

    Just received a reply from the Jetpack team. It’s a known issue, they have already developed a patch and it’s almost ready. For developers, here’s the related GitHub discussion:

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