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    Both the name and the image for arabic are not correct:

    * The name is “Arabic/Emirates”
    * And the icon is missing.

    I suggest the following:
    * Use the name “Arabic”, here it is in arabic letters: عربي
    * Use the KSA icon as a default icon, i,e makea copy of “sa.gif” and name it “ar.gif”, of course if the website owner is from Morocco – like me – he can copy the ma.gif icon but it’s always good to have the plugin present a default icon. I suggested the sa.gif icon because it’s fairly accepted to use the KSA flag as the arabic language flag.

    Thanks for this great plugin

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  • Plugin Author codestyling


    The problem is, that ar.gif is already used for Argentina and can’t be replaced for arabic default.
    The flags are country related. But languages may be used within more countries. So normally a locale would be “ar_AE” of Emirates and the ae.gif is contained. The short form auf locales “ar” instead of “ar_XY” can’t be mapped currently to a qualified country.

    Will think about it, language naming “Arabic” has been changed so far, thanks for reporting.

    What about having this:
    [language]_[country].gif & [language].gif
    instead of [country].gif

    This may be the solution to this problem and stop collisions when the initials match both a language and a country, after all this plugin is for languages not for countries…

    See :

    Plugin Author codestyling


    after all this plugin is for languages not for countries

    Yes and no. 🙂
    Lets say german (my native language). The language is “de” but spoken in at least 3 counties:
    “de_AT” -> Austria
    “de_DE” -> Germany
    “de_LU” -> Luxembourg
    and will have differences within translations. So it’s essential to have the right country to get the right differences.
    Ask US if they are ammused to get a GB translation even if both are englisch 😉

    Nevertheless a more sophisticated fallback would be worth to provide. I will check, what impact this will have (beside the aboves shown) and potentially implement it. Thanks for responding.

    Plugin Author codestyling


    299 locales are now supported. update please to 1.3.10

    I really appreciate your promptness, and I volunteer to do the Arabic translation.

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