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  • This plugin has a number of bugs that are just plain dumb. Here are the fixes:

    The search function just plain doesn’t work. Why? Because it expects you to put the query in SQL syntax!!! That is, you can’t search for example and expect and to come up; you have to search for %example% instead! Since partial searches are obviously what you want in this function, look in domain_mapping.php for the line containing WHERE domain LIKE %s and change the text after it from $domain to '%'.$domain.'%'. From then on, search will work.

    The list of mapped domains is limited to the first twenty or so. That would be OK if there were a paging system, but there isn’t one. So look in domain_mapping.php for the text LIMIT 0,20 and delete it. After that, it will display all the lines!

    Function dm_edit_domain() gives a warning about an uninitialised object. To fix it, insert a line above $row->blog_id = ''; that says $row = new stdClass();. The warning is harmless but careless. Plugins should never emit warnings – they’re a sign that the programmer hasn’t tested their work.

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