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  • Variables changed names, typos, missing variables, Just lots of misc issues spamming up my php error log.

    List of change lines:

    related_blocks.php +61
    $list_Style = $aio_related_posts_settings[‘list_Style’]
    $list_Style = (isset($aio_related_posts_settings[‘list_Style’]) ? $aio_related_posts_settings[‘list_Style’] : ”);

    related_blocks.php +71
    if ($search_counter == $limit) break;
    if (isset($search_counter) && $search_counter == $limit) break;

    related.php +211
    aio_thumbw -> list_thumbw
    aio_thumbh -> list_thumbh

    related.php +261
    $default_thumb -> $thumb_default

    related.php +355
    get_settings -> get_option

    related_blocks_style.php +160 & +178
    $rpwpluginsurl -> $aiopluginsurl

    related_blocks_style.php + 227
    $$thumbw -> $thumbw

    Many issues, all revolving around if $post is empty (or otherwise not an object).
    I leave up to you to fix.
    also it doesn’t seem to like
    used instead
    $result[0][‘term_id’] same as in the for loop below

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