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  • Hi thanks for making such a great theme.

    I found it after purchasing your tutorial on pluralsight.

    I have two questions that I hope you can answer.

    The first is I want to have a fixed topnav but centred. When I go to the customize section of admin and choose no to fixed its margins are set to auto but of course it is no longer fixed when i do this. How can I set up the topnav so it is centred the same as the content col-md-12 div’s on the body of the page (which I assume is what happens when you select no in customize?).

    Second question, I want to put a title on the left hand of the menu like you have on your museum themes site.

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  • Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    For both, your best bet is to create a child theme of Museum Core.

    For the first part, you’ll need to set the width of the UL to 100% and then center the li elements, then set them to inline-block or something so they sit next to each other and aren’t floated left. (Am I understanding the question correctly?)

    For the title like what I have on Museum Themes, I’m using a bootstrap navbar-brand element, so you’ll need to integrate that into your child theme’s header.php. I believe I talk about those in the course on building a WordPress theme framework with Bootstrap (which pulled most of it’s information from how Museum Core was built).

    Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    Just reread your first question and then went back into the customize screen so I could see what you were talking about. Again, this will need to be done inside a child theme but you can put that navbar inside a .container class to get it to have the same margins on the right and left as the content. This is all Bootstrap stuff, so if you haven’t already, I recommend reading up on Bootstrap first:

    Hi Chris,
    thanks for taking the time to respond, its much appreciated.

    I am sorry but I forgot to mention that I am in fact using a child bootstrap theme already via bundled themes.

    I want to make sure that not only my custom bootstrap theme but also all of the other bundled official bootstrap themes display the nav the same way.

    I assume I would have to change the header.php somehow for this to be reflected in all bundled themes?

    Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “bundled themes”, which, to me, refers to the theme(s) that is/are bundled with WordPress — which are not based on Bootstrap.

    Bootstrap CSS is included in Museum Core. So any child theme of Museum Core would use Bootstrap CSS by default, unless you specify otherwise. Therefore, any Bootstrap CSS components you choose to put into your child theme that aren’t in the parent theme (Museum Core), like the navbar-brand element, will work without any additional CSS because Museum Core is loading Bootstrap. Does that answer your question?

    I am sorry maybe I got the terminology incorrect?

    What I mean was there was two ways you could change the theme of museum core in your pluralsight tutorial.

    The first was via a child theme.

    The second was by what I have incorrectly called bundled themes.

    I am using the museum-core superhero theme and inside my css folder I have a couple of my own custom bootsrap themes in there as well as a dozen of the generic bootstrap themes you can download for free.

    These bootstrap themes are located in wp-content\themes\museum-core-superhero\css and are accessible via the cusomize/color/skin menu in admin.

    It doesnt matter which bootstrap skin I choose from admin(my own custom ones or those I downloaded for free[cerulean, darkly, amelia etc etc]) the fixed nav still aligns left.

    That is why I am assuming I have to edit header.php somehow to get the center aligned fixed topnav (with branding that I want) to work in any skin I might choose.

    I assume the code I would have to edit in header.php to get center aligned nav with branding would be;

    $ap_core_navbar_fixed = array( 'container' => 'nav', 'container_class' => 'topnav ' . $ap_core_navbar_inverse . ' navbar navbar-collapse collapse navbar-1-collapse navbar-default navbar-fixed-top', 'theme_location' => 'top', 'fallback_cb' => false, 'menu_class' => 'nav navbar-nav', 'walker' => new AP_Core_WP_Bootstrap_Navwalker() );

    Php is not my strong point so I dont have any idea how I need to edit this array?

    Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    So, I’m actually working on a new theme that I’m building for one of my sites and using the theme on Museum Themes as the base. Museum Themes used Museum Core as its’ base, so it’s all based on Bootstrap. And in this new theme, I’m using the navbar-brand Bootstrap component. The only thing you should need to do to allow this is go into your Appearance → Menus page, go to Screen Options and show CSS Classes, then put navbar-brand as the CSS class for the first item in your custom menu that you want to be the brand like this:

    That’s all that Museum Themes is doing (well, not quite all, the brand is repeated in the HTML for the mobile menu, too), you don’t need to edit any PHP or change anything. Centering the nav elements is going to be CSS in your child theme and any edits to the header.php should be made in your child theme also (remember, a header.php file in your child theme will override the header.php in the parent).

    The Bootstrap skins in the Museum Core Superhero child theme were chosen because the only thing they do is change the color palette. There are other Bootstrap skins that are more than just color changes and require actual HTML markup and javascript to make them work and I deliberately left those out so anything you chose could change the color scheme and that’s all it did. So any changes you make to your child theme will affect those Bootstrap skins as well unless you’ve made changes to their CSS so they do more than just change colors (rearrange alignment, resize objects, change positioning, etc).

    Thanks Chris,

    Where would I find the correct css file to center the nav? In superhero?

    Is this the code in the header.php I have to edit?

    <div class="navbar-header">
    				$nav_1 = has_nav_menu( 'top' );
    				$nav_2 = has_nav_menu( 'main' );
    				$data_target = null;
    				if ( !empty( $nav_1 ) ) {
    					$data_target = '.navbar-1-collapse';
    				} elseif ( !empty( $nav_2 ) ) {
    					$data_target = '.navbar-2-collapse';
    				if ( !is_null( $data_target ) ) : ?>
    					<button type="button" class="navbar-toggle" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="<?php echo $data_target; ?>">
    						<i class="icon-reorder" title="Menu"></i>
    				<?php endif; ?>

    I have already tried adding another container div inside of the navbar-header div and it still wouldnt center.

    Looking at the code in firebug it seems that the nav being printed out by php exists totally outside of the above html/php code and is being written by $ap_core_navbar_fixed.

    Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    You need to add the CSS to center the nav yourself in your child theme’s style.css. You would add styles to the UL and LI elements.

    Hi Chris I have already tried adding css to center it and it does not center it.

    Here is the original static html boostrap template I created.

    As you can see the nav is perfectly centered and displays as intended.

    The $ap_core_navbar_fixed array looks like it is printing html outside the flow of the container of the htnl document making it impossible to target the same way as my static html template.

    When I check the html document with firebug I can see that the html that $ap_core_navbar_fixed is printing out is also totally outside of the html of the header.php

    Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    The only thing those variables are doing is storing the parameters that are being passed to wp_nav_menu:

    The output of the menu is controlled by the wp-bootstrap-navwalker class that’s included in the theme:

    Obviously what you are doing is outside the scope of the current theme and I commend you for working out these issues in a child theme. I would recommend reading up on those functions and looking in the code and finding a solution to suit your needs. It’s your child theme, so you don’t need to use any of the code from the parent theme if you don’t want to or you can change it however you want. This is not a support question, this is a programming question, so I am closing the issue.

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