• Woo is not designed for invoicing (manual orders) and there is a conflict between ecom and manual orders around the stock tracking and changing the status to pending payments. I dont know what it is for ecom, but it messes up 1000’s of sites compared to a the small minority who do manual orders so the issue is not going to be fixed for us manual order writers who also have product up on the website.

    We sell custom products, and get one 1000s of unique items. We get a massive stock, we sell it, we put in on our site and create manual orders. They are unique an valuable, peope are fighting over them. Many of our customers or old school and prefer invoices, so we customer service them but still want our stuff up live on the site for all the younger folks.

    When we create a manual order (invoice), place to “pending payment” and send the invoice, the item is still up on the web site?1?!? and people are grabbing it off the site. It stay up “until the status is changed to “on hold: (but then customers can not pay for it) or it is paid and status changed to processing. But what about an invoice sent in “pending payment:? That customer looses the item to the ecom customer and we are stuck looking like chumps, 5-10 times per day. And the orders are big.

    I tried it all, staging site, took everything down, stripped it to just woo and there is was, the same issue. No conflicts, this really is the way it is. I got plug ins that were suppose to autoreduce stock when the status was set to processing…. doesnt work. Nothing worked….

    This plug in worked, now, I create the manual order, I click the reduce stock tab and BOOM, each item in the order reduces the stock. Massive head ached solved.

    We spend hours each week, almost daily, tracking inventory, my staff told me all the time, woo is broken, we have to leave, and this was the issue, the silly pending payments increases status doesnt decrease the stock.

    I donated to this developer, thank you for this plug in.

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    WOW, Great… Alhamdu lillah. We are very happy to help you.
    You can also use our stock out message plugin for Out of Stock notice for your product. It will help you to notice your customer about stock/availability of your product. This stock out message can be for all product and also can be for product wise.

    Thanks and Thanks again for your big review. We are just start our journey. Stay with us, we also stay with you ..

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