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  • Hi

    I am redoing my animation website in WordPress, but after several days of headache I must admit that I give up finding solution for this problem. I just can’t anymore. I googled, installed several plugins and now I am desperate finding a solution.

    I have had several problems so far:
    1). I can’t see vertical borders of my tables made in Advanced TinyMCE which makes it hard to see where the cells start and end within the table unless if you click and drag select them

    2). I can’t seem to force the tables to contain the content the way I want it. I want the tables to stay in one place so that no matter how long a sentence I type, it must remain in it’s width.

    I am generally very frustrated that I can’t seem to get a simple thumbnail gallery to work, so I appreciate all the detailed help I can get. The reason I’ve chosen WordPress as my new CMS was because I thought it would be easy. I used Joomla before, but I decided to change. I hope I will find a solution for this or I will go nuts. <– here are two solutions I was thinking about. My plan was to use tables, but I find the tables behaving just the opposite of how I want them to behave.

    If anyone can please come with couple of suggestions or be so friendly to supply me with a code for a table-template that I can use, I would be very greatful.

    I also would like to hear if anyone has alternative ideas for how to present my work. I have around 15 animations that I want to present in a nice gallery. A gallery that shows small thumbnail pictures, a title of the animation and short description of what it’s about.

    Please help me out. I am very desperate in getting this to work so I can get on animating.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. my website is and I use Twelve Eleven theme (and I made a child-copy of it)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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