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  • I’m creating a website that uses a navigation bar that floats above the normal page content, using a position: fixed style. I know that IE6 doesn’t recognize fixed position, but all the documentation that I can find indicate that IE7 does recognize fixed positioning. However, for some reason, I can not get my fixed position navigation bar to even show up in IE7.

    In Firefox, Safari, and IE8, the navigation bar displays correctly. Can anyone give me some insight as to why the navigation bar doesn’t even show up in IE7? The webpage is here, and the username and password are both “temp” (obviously, only for a short period of time).

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  • I have finally found the solution to this after posting on another forum. Turns out the solution was to adjust my coding so that my navigation bar appeared further down in the code. The link to the other forum can be found here, in case anyone else is interested.

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