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    Hello. I just installed his yesterday for an issue with emails not being delivered to AOL users, marked as spam for gmail, etc. Works great now for that. But now when users rely to bbpress posts, a single email is generated to “” and I get an undeliverable email back. That’s by design for bbpress but the other users subscribed should be getting the email too. I checked the email log and it does not have record of the email being sent to anyone else. I suspect it’s this plugin rather than bbpress given it worked before. Anyone else see this problem? Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Jason Hendriks


    Hi there! Sorry you’ve having a problem with the plugin.

    If I understand correcly, the bbpress email should me going to multiple recipients? The log is designed to show only the From header, To header and Reply-To header. It does not record the CC or BCC header, so if bbpress used that to add the additional recipients, they were emailed but it wasn’t recorded. However, you can check the transcript to see what Postman sent to the server, the recipients should be there. I’ll add cc and bcc to the log in a future version.

    Are you sure the email didn’t reach the other users subscribed?

    Thanks for the reply. The recipients are not listed in the log as you’ve said, it only shows the To field. The transcript is greyed out, so not sure how to check that. But the emails are not being delivered to the actual users. I’m testing this with a few different email accounts and the only email delivered every time is the “”.

    Plugin Author Jason Hendriks


    No transcript probably means you’re using the Gmail API. Let me do some tests over here to make sure that is still working as expected.

    Yes thanks, I am using the Gmail API. This is what the bounce looks like, seems like maybe Google doesn’t deliver at all if the To address fails this way?

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain <mydomain>.org by [].

    The error that the other server returned was:
    550 5.1.1 <noreply@<mydomain>.org> Recipient not found. <;

    Plugin Author Jason Hendriks


    Ah. That’s much different. Looks like Google tried to deliver to your non-existant GoDaddy address and gave up.

    My guess is before Postman, you were probably not using the Gmail SMTP server to deliver your email, but some other server (GoDaddy’s?). And now that Postman is using the Google server, your mail delivery behaviour is different because of Google’s rules.

    Try your bbpress test again with a deliverable address in the TO and see what happens.

    Correct, I was using the default phpmail. I’m going to try and change the bbPress “noreply” to something that exists, or just create the noreply address on my domain. Thanks again!

    Well I created the “noreply” account, and now the emails don’t bounce back…but the problem is still no one is being copied on the emails other than I can see in my Gmail sent folder the message was sent, but no one on copy or bcc and mail was not delivered to anyone else.

    Plugin Author Jason Hendriks


    You are correct. There is a problem with how Postman handles BCC headers for the Gmail API.

    Normally, BCC recipients are communicated to the SMTP server upon connection through “RCPT-TO” commands. Then the BCC header is removed from the message just before the message is sent. That’s the “blind” part of BCC.

    However, in the case of the Gmail API, there are no RCPT-TO commands, and removing the BCC header means Google never sees those recipients.

    I’ve changed the code to not remove the BCC header for Gmail API. I’ve tested and Google is correctly removing the header before final delivery.

    Thank-you for reporting this bug and please download and install Postman v1.6.15a.

    Thanks so much, that’s great news. This will also fix another issue where I use another plugin (email users) to send mass emails to all my users. It has a setting where you can BCC an entire list, or send one at a time…and it only works one at a time currently (which means generating 50+ emails instead of just one with all on bcc).

    I assume this will appear as an update at some point? I’m never sure how to do these manually and if just replacing the contents in the plugin directory will remove my configuration. Either way, thanks for the great support!

    Plugin Author Jason Hendriks



    Yes I will release it publicly in a few days or so, I might add cc/bcc to the log first.

    Updating it manually is pretty easy. Other plugins may remove their configuration on deactivate, but Postman does not.

    1. Download v1.6.15a to your computer, then return to WordPress
    2. Deactivate the plugin
    3. Delete the plugin
    4. Select Add New plugin
    5. Select Upload plugin
    6. Select Choose file and locate the file you downloaded to your computer
    7. Select Install Now
    8. Activate the plugin


    Thanks very much. I’ve never noticed the upload plugin option (always thought it had to be done via FTP). The fix works perfectly, I couldn’t be happier with the plugin and the update. It solved the biggest pain I have been having on my site for months now (users getting email delivered to spam, or not at all…only 35% of users (with bad spam filters) were actually getting emails). Thanks again!

    I still have this problem but I love your plugin so much I’ve not cared to complain. Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Jason Hendriks


    Eric are you talking about your problem here?

    I installed BBPress myself recently and I have no problem to receive the new user notifications through Postman.

    It’s quite possible there is an additional plugin (or theme) on your system that is causing the problem. Maybe try on a clean system?

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