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  • I should also mention that you need to be running at least version 3 of WordPress with this patch. It uses newer functions introduced with version 3 which work regardless of whether single or multi site is being used.

    Do you have an already patched version of the plugin available? I’m not sure what tool I should use to apply the patch.



    Great little patch, pretty simple mod, works great with WP3.4.1, even creates the user correctly if on a sub site and not the original main site.

    @dgreen423 – I’m not a dev so I too had a little trouble understanding how to apply the patch file (uses a patch command from WordPress Subversion version control), then realized it was simple enough I could just manually edit the changes into the Simple LDAP Login plugin. Mostly just changes update_option, get_option and add_option to update_site_option, get_site_option and add_site_option within the two primary PHP files, although there is one function (simpleldap_admin_actions) where one line is swapped out for 4 lines.

    To apply the patch you need to do this. Open a terminal on Mac OS X or Linux. cd to the directory containing the simple-ldap-login files. Then execute this command

    patch patch -b -i path-to-simple-ldap-login.multisite.patch

    -b copies the original files to a file with extension .orig
    -i this takes the path to the patch-file. If it is in the same folder it would be just

    patch patch -b -i simple-ldap-login.multisite.patch

    or if it is in the folder above

    patch patch -b -i ../simple-ldap-login.multisite.patch

    try to patch with : patch patch -b -i simple-ldap-login.multisite.patch
    and got this error :
    patch: **** Can’t find file patch : No such file or directory

    All the files are in the same directory :

    … don’t understand… thanks

    @pako69: I just ran into the same issue, turns out you only need to include “patch” once in the command:

    patch -b -i simple-ldap-login.multisite.patch

    Make sure it’s in the directory created under plugins/ when you installed simple-ldap-login (should just be called simple-ldap-login/). Running this I get:

    patch -b -i simple-ldap-login.multisite.patch
    patching file Simple-LDAP-Login-Admin.php
    patching file Simple-LDAP-Login.php

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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