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  • Hello all. I’ve tried going through the first 8 pages of posts in this forum but I didn’t find a thread which matched my problem (We should be able to search the forum easier).

    I’ve just installed this plugin on a local install and started going through the process of setting it up but I’ve run into a problem:

    I have the lightbox position fixed, which is the way I want it, and that works fine as the lightbox opens, but if you scroll down the page with the lightbox open, the bottom of the lightbox starts to disappear. As you continue to scroll down the page the light box wipes away like opening some blinds. I’m not sure why this is happening and I’m hoping someone else will have a solution for me.

    As I said, this is on a local install, so I can’t give a link, but here’s a couple of screen shots I made to help illustrate the problem:

    This is what it looks like when you open a lightbox:

    And once you start scrolling down the page:

    Hopefully someone else has already resolved this issue and can throw me a bone. Thanks!

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