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  • Does anyone out there have any ideas how a fixed height could be done without a major distortion?

    I started doing such a theme with a K2 base, but as you can imagine soon I had to deal with ugly scrollbars. Although I took the comments into the sidebar in Single Page view, the natural height is still more than 500px in many cases.

    Why would anyone want to do this? Well for a book, or diary reading view for instance. Imagine an open book. On one page there would be the Header and Sidebar and the other only the entry and where the entry got longer it could be seperated into pages.

    I just want to throw this out and see what ideas people have.


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  • If you figure out how many characters roughly would be needed to hit a desired height of a post and then figure out how many posts would be needed to get the same height as the sidebar, this could be done quite easily.

    The plugin needed would be the auto more plugin and I am not sure where you find it, but I would imagine going to the ‘docs’ of codex and searching the plugin pages would be what you want.

    The plugin creates the “more” option after a certain number of words or characters and limits the size of any post on the main page. That keeps all posts the same size, regardless of words (unless post is less of course…)

    Then, once all posts are the same height and size, you would just limit in your WP options in Admin, the number of posts on a page to correspond with size of sidebar.

    Just a thought.


    One solution is from 456 Berea Street

    I’m working on a few new themes with that cross browser compatibility.

    You can count the number of words in a text with php explode() function so one can split a post into several layers and then scroll a layer at a time. that would give the sensation of turning pages. But for anything other than text in the post it can be tricky.

    I am checking for a sliding script that’s easy on the eye.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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