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  • Hi,

    I’m very new to WP and trying to make a website with fixed header, so when I choose a link, only part of of my website refreshes, and the top of it stays the same. Sort of like spry table, though I do want to have html pages, so search engines can find them

    I appreciate any help


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  • Pavan


    please give link to ur website or page…….

    Thank you, pavanluthra

    my website is
    I am using Twist of Ten 1.29 theme




    I have seen ur website……..
    what u want me to do./……..

    Can u explain me fully…….

    as you can see I have the same header on all of my pages, all I want to do is for header and menu to stay on the page, while everything else is loading

    Is it possible at all?



    ok, you dont’t want to fully refresh the page.
    You want to partially refresh only the content part……
    am i right………

    you are using one header file and calling to every page…

    If u don’t want o refresh the page then,
    you have to use jquery for it….

    yes, you are right.
    So does it mean that the only way to do it is tabbed menu?

    can you recommend jquery plug in to use?

    thank you



    you have o just download the jquery core plugin….
    and create new template page and link this plugin there….

    You have to use the ajax with this plugin to load and page dynamically…..

    for reference read this:

    thank you, but I am still a little bit confused,

    so I create a new page with my header on it?

    Do I have to change all my current webpages?

    Thank you


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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