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  • Hi there! I have recently come to WordPress and have figured out how to set the width to be whatever I want on my Spun theme, as discussed in this thread.

    That is nice and all, but I am wanting to FIX the width on my pages. If I make the window smaller, my text gets really narrow. I want my blog to be read in a certain size.. so a fixed width seems to be the best solution.

    Another option, if it is easier, would be to have my width change slightlly upon making the window more narrow. Right now, if I get 1 pixel past my width, it gets REALLY narrow. I would rather it just stay that width, or move on a lesser level.

    My Website

    I love it when the width is 1000px…

    …but if I make it any less than that, it gets far too narrow for my tastes.

    So, should I fix the width, or should I make the width adjust in smaller doses? How? Thanks everyone 🙂

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  • Smaller doses would defo be nice… Also interested in this. Good luck, I will keep researching it also

    If you don’t want it to resize on small devices, you can set a minimum width for one or more elements.

    Ok, great idea. So, how would I implement this min-width idea into coding? Would you mind offering a coding example in the layout? I would like to minimize the amount of times I have to add min-width so the code the easier to fix if I screw up. Where are the best places to put the value?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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