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  • I have someone who has followed some instructions on changing their domain name for their WP website.

    The issue is that they have a logged into their WordPress Dashboard and gone into Settings – General – Then changed the domain name in the WordPress URL and Site Address URL boxes.

    Upon Saving those settings they have lost access to their WordPress website and this the Dashboard obviously.

    So can anyone tell me if we are able to change these details by editing a file or files in the back-end in the hosting File Manager system to fix these 2 settings and change them back to the URL’s that are supposed to be to get the original website back up and running?


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  • Yes, you can log into phpmyadmin and look in the wp_options table to update the site name.

    You can also update the user in the wp_users table if needed. If you change the password, select md5 in the function column.

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    Thanks for that. This has half fixed the issue. But there still seems to be a re-direct happening somewhere when we type in the domain name.

    Maybe that re-direct is not happening in WordPress but in the hosting. I will have a look at that.

    But I think I can at least get into the WordPress Dashboard now.

    No problem. Have a look in wp-config.php and see if you need to define the domain there, as in step two on this page:

    And check step 3 also!

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    I can log into the Dashboard. The WordPress Address and the Sit Address URL are now shoing correctly. I can log into the Dashboard by entering the domain name/wp-admin

    However if I type in the http://www.domainname
    it redirects to this other domain name for which there is nothing so thus shows a This site cant be reached error.
    I can see in the address bar it is trying to open the other website address instead of the original and correct website address.

    Where would this re-direct be happening?
    She only changed details in the WP Dashboard.
    I cannot see any re-direction settings active in the hosting account.

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    What about in the .htaccess file in the WordPress root folder?

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    I have opened the htaccess file in editor. No where in there does it refer to domain name2 at all

    I have also gone into the Dashboard and emptied cache.

    It doesnt seem like a front end issue. Must be something in the back-end?
    Just cannot find where it is.

    Site owners says she did not go into the backend at all. Only in the WordPress Dashboard and changed the WordPress and Site Name URL

    I assume the a records point to the correct IP address, and there are no CNAMEs on the domain that may be redirecting?

    The only other thing I can think would be to do with the actual domain hosting. If cPanel, is the domain mapped as an alias on the original domain? Has the new domain now been made primary?

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    Yes that was the first thing I checked was the DNS records. They all check out correctly.

    The hosting provider is a free web hosting provider. It is not Cpanel. I wished it were.

    It is not the most user friendly system either.

    I have submitted a support ticket to the free web hosting service. Will see what they come back with.

    Good luck!

    You could try a tracert and see if that gives any indications.

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