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  • Ferenc Vasóczki



    I’ve added this plugin to integrate it into the contact form.
    Do everything in right way, but when i try to send the contact form, i’ve get an error message in console, about permission denied to unlink the temporary file.

    I am developing on localhost, win7 64 bit, but the production environment will be linux. But it doesn’t matter, i will explain it later.

    So i tried to find a solution, and i’ve found this topic:

    Change the>

    //$file = trailingslashit( $this->tmp_dir ) . $filename;
    $file = untrailingslashit( $this->tmp_dir ) . $filename;

    solved my problem. That’s nice.

    I am a programmer, so i could handle, if we are on windows do this, otherwise do that.

    The main problem is, if i will update the plugin, if there will be later relase of plugin, i will lost these pieces of codes.

    Please fix it as soon as possible, to take away the headache from us.

    Thank you.

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