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  • Hi

    I am using WordPress for the first time and have customised my template.

    Everything is working well apart from my title tag for my home page.

    In Google SERP the title Tag always reads “Mark’s Vocal Studio” for my home page but in my title tag I have set it as:

    <title>Singing Lessons Vancouver-Sing Better after One Voice Lesson! </title>

    I am not sure if Google is just selecting a different piece of text, but it selects the first Title I mentioned over the one I have designated even when I search for Singing Lessons Vancouver??

    In all my other pages the title is shown in Google SERPS as the one I have selected, the only one that does not is my home page.

    My site link is:

    I cannot workout why the crawler is defaulting to this text and only fo this one page, it is on my page but not in any tags.

    If anyone could take a look at my source code and let me know how to prevent this it would be greatly appreciated.



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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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