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  • Sim Architect


    Hi! Is there any fix for the tags on Worpress’ Post Editor?

    It’s really annoying when you just need to type a bunch of tags, separate them with a comma and be done, the system keeps trying to find something suitable, it keeps editing the field, removing tags that were already recognized etc. It’s like the computer is competing with the user on typing in that field.

    How can we turn that feature off, so we can just type what we want and let wordpress deal with it AFTER we’re finished typing all tags, so it can add them or find them in the background without making it impossible for us to insert them efficiently?

    I know that I can edit the tags on a text editor and use the quick edit on the posts list, but this annoyance should be fixed already. Google even knows that many people search for the problem but I can’t find a solution anywhere.

    On top of that it is VERY common for wordpress to dynamically remove tags that were there before while I am adding more tags at the bottom and they do NOT return by themselves. It’s quite annoying to have to keep typing the same words over and over again until they “take”.

    Thanks in advance!

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