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    I just moved my blog over to wordpress from blogger, and the spacing on all of the posts is skewed. There are big gaps in some areas, and no spaces between paragraphs in others. When I try to manually fix the spacing, the changes show up in the editing window, but after I update, the live blog posts look unchanged. How can I fix this?

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  • Marvel Labs


    There are a few tweaks required in your theme, especially the css in order to make the site look good. Visual editor works as text input, site’s frontend display is controlled by css and theme.

    Please share the link of your website for more suggesions.



    Here’s the link:


    Marvel Labs


    There are big gaps in some areas

    They are especially near the images. While in visual editor, click on image icon.Now align image using the settings. Use left and make images a little smaller. so that the text can wrap around them.

    None Left Center Right
    Thumbnail (150 × 150)
    Medium (300 × 300)
    Full Size (xxx × xxx)

    Also provide link of the specific page where there are no iamges and the text looks out of order



    Hmm – I don’t particularly want to wrap the text around the images though, I just want there to be space between the text and the images.

    On this post for example:

    Some of the paragraphs breaks are there, but others are not. When I try to add them in the editor, the changes don’t show up on the live version.



    You have a lot of extra divs and paragraphs in that page — which is not the way to deal with spacing. You also have a table for part of it — which again, is not the best way to enter content. You need to learn some basic CSS so you can make changes that will apply to all paragraphs, images or whatever other elements you are trying to change. But before making any changes, set up a Child theme or use a Custom CSS option or plug-in so that changes are not lost when the theme is updated.

    Here’s an example — right now your paragraphs only have margins on the bottom – -from this CSS:

    .entry p {
        margin-bottom: 1.2em;

    That’s also a very small margin. So if you want to make that bigger, you would put this in your new CSS file:

    .entry p {
        margin-bottom: 1.8em;
        margin-top: 1.8em;

    Change the number to whatever space you want. You can do the same with images.

    Firebug is a great tool to work with CSS — so using that will help you a lot, as will this CSS reference site:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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