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  • Hi Igor,
    I found an issue about skin detection on your plugin.
    The problem is happend because you do strlower for entire abs path, that can contain capital letters.
    That can be found on file lenslider.class.php at methods lenslider_is_skin and lenslider_skin_exists.

    This can be avoided with replacing

    if(file_exists(strtolower({$path_to_skins_folder}/{$skin_name}/".self::$settings_file)) || file_exists(strtolower({$path_to_custom_skins_folder}/{$skin_name}/".self::$settings_file)))


    if(file_exists($path_to_skins_folder . strtolower("/{$skin_name}/".self::$settings_file)) || file_exists($path_to_custom_skins_folder . strtolower("/{$skin_name}/".self::$settings_file)))

    Maybe this little thing will save someone’s life :P.
    You’re doing a great job with this plugin, keep going.

    I apologize for my poor English.

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