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  • The Sociable plugin does not implement it’s URLs correctly for https.

    You can fix this by changing the definition of SOCIABLE_HTTP_PATH in the plugin as follows:

    define( 'SOCIABLE_HTTP_PATH', plugins_url( '/', __FILE__ ) ); // Plugin folder URL

    Using WP_PLUGIN_URL will cause it to always serve files as http, no matter what the settings in WordPress are. Using plugins_url() ensures that a filter is applied when https is in use, and it will dynamically change the URLs accordingly.

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  • Where/What page do you make this change on?

    I usually load definitions before init has fired.

    Thanks Ryan, that worked a charm.


    Comment out line 30, add Ryan’s definition.

    Oops, I forgot about having to delete the existing definition. I was replying in between tasks at work and didn’t pay enough attention to your question sorry. Sounds like you figured it out thankfully 🙂

    I pointed this a month back and the devs haven’t fixed it yet. Sigh.

    Yeah, after posting this I realised there were other threads outlining this problem too.

    Do you know how to get hold of the developer? I’d be happy to commit the change myself if they’d give me admin access to it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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