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  • Was recently hired by a client to do some customization and blog training on her WP site running the X theme. Previously to working with me she had paid Bluehost to bring her blog over from to a self-hosted setup in some kind of 99$ special.

    First thing I notice is that the site lacks a visual editor, you must write posts in HTML. There is no tab at all for the visual editor. I immediately assumed there was a theme or plugin conflict, but after switching to the default WP theme briefly, that did not bring back the visual editor. Recent updates of WP have not resolved the problem wither.

    In the course of my work for her I replicated her site on a test server and everything was copacetic there with theme and plugins too. So I’m led to believe it was the Bluehost installation of WP that was the culprit here. They have been very non-responsive about this issue and so I’m wondering if anyone has any insight on this. I’m assuming it’s the basic WordPress files that are missing something key here. Would just overwriting those files with a fresh download of WP rectify the problem? Thanks for any thoughts.

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  • I’d try re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folder as it sounds like a few files have got lost along the way – although if you’ve got an exact duplicate working on your test server then that would lead me to believe that there is something different in the server configuration.

    Start by re-upping wp-admin and wp-includes to rule that one out and then take it from there.

    Thanks for the suggestion — I’m sorry to report that it didn’t produce the magical visual editor. Anything else it could be? For a little more background, my test server isn’t an exact dupe, more of a dupe of just theme and content.

    My only other suggestion would be to look into the MySQL tables. In the ‘usermeta’ table look to see if the user has a meta_key called ‘rich_editing’ with the value of ‘true’. If not then add one and see if that does the job.

    I’m having this same problem.

    I’m simply gonna roll-back to an old version.

    I never asked for the auto-update in the first place.

    This sort of responce is typical.

    This sort of responce is typical.

    What sort of response?

    Thanks Creatrix, I’ll try that later.

    And to be clear — this had nothing to do with WP updates. I am pretty sure it wasn’t set up correctly to begin with (before my time). I wasn’t able to reach anyone at Bluehost who could troubleshoot so I brought to question to this forum.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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