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  • Hi @eigood,

    My first plugin Stock Ticker used Yahoo Finance as resource for stock quotes at the same beginning, but then plugin was suspend from because of that. Then I switch to allowed Google Finance to get back plugin in the repo.

    Unfortunately, Yahoo Finance is not allowed to be used in plugins hosted on

    Bother. Then my fix will work for my client for the weekend, at least. I’ll look more next week.

    Hi @eigood,
    Any chance you could share your fix? Would be much appreciated.

    I’d rather not, as the author has said it’s not allowed for an official plugin. I want to honor his recommendation.

    However, it wasn’t that hard to figure out the correct fields to request, and to then parse the csv and convert it to stdClass instance.

    I’m currently looking at, but this requires an API key. That’d mean the plugin would need to have a config value for that key.

    Hi @eigood, @jbus,

    You can freely share your modified version to work with Yahoo Finance, my plugin is released under GNU GPL so you can modify it and redistribute.

    The problem is that guides does not allow to plugins use Yahoo Finance data. If you wish, I can digg and screenshot my communication with plugin review staff regarding that.

    So, plugin not hosted on can use Yahoo Finance 🙂

    Btw, I sent question to support regarding change, change percentage and last trade datetime data not provided by their API. If I get positive feedback with solution for those details, I’ll update plugin. And yes, there will be field in plugin settings for AV API Key. Terms of use for AV is open and does not restrict usage in plugin for repository.

    Regarding IEX Trading, check legal requirements to use their API Terms of use.

    At least 1.c is bad, for a wordpress plugin. But actually, section 1 says you can charge, but then 1.c rescinds that. Very odd. But we must err on the side of caution, so I agree that IEX is out.

    Hello Alek and eigood.

    Stockquotes is a core feature of my website. A bit of a disaster that Google has shut down there API (though I do note Alek that you did warn it would be deprecated in the future in your plugin description).

    I have several ticker pages set up on my site with feeds such as currencies, world market and the stocks that comprise specific indexes. Interesting some of these feeds are now broken (no internet detected…waiting) while others are still functioning as before. If the API has been shut down, why do some of my ticker feeds still work?

    Eigood. I only have a very basic knowledge of php (cut and paste snippets). Is there any chance you can post your php that you used to get stock quotes back up and running using the Yahoo API. I can then edit my local stock quote php. And get my website back up. Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards


    Hi @khunmax,

    My plugin have cache timeout. If for some tickers you set larger cache timeout, then plugin still use quote from cache instead grabbing new one from Google.

    I’ll probably have some beta version of plugins ready next week, which will utilize API. I’ll post update and progress to this thread, to thread for my other plugin and on my website and

    Thanks Alek for your prompt reply.

    It would be fantastic if you could have a beta version ready by next week.

    I am happy to help test the beta version if you want to provide me with a download link.

    My tickers are mostly for stocks listed on the Stock Market of Thailand (BKK prefix). Does the alphavantageAPI provide that data?

    Thanks very much for your kind assistance.


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    Hello Alek

    Any updates on the new version of your plugin?

    Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.



    Thanks for finding a fix @eigood! Given Aleksander’s comment regarding GNU GPL plugin license, would you please share your modified code outside of the WP repo — perhaps via Dropbox or Github?


    Following post for updates on this issue.


    Any updates on the horizon.

    Thanks for your kind assistance.


    Plugin Author Aleksandar Urošević


    Hi all,

    I’m currently working on larger Stock Ticker plugin with AlphaVantage API – more details in topic

    As soon as I get final and stable API part, I’ll add it to Stock Quote and update plugin in WP repository.

    Stay tuned

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