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  • i put up a site for a friend a couple of years ago and he has been running it. he has never upgraded and now he is locked out. all users and passwords go to a white page. he has over 57,000 spam users. i have backed up his db. i can access via cpanel. i wish to upgrade his wp and give him a new theme. this is pro bono as it should not take too much time.

    can this site be saved ?

    how can i get in ? then what ?

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  • Sure it can be saved. You can reset password via phpMyAdmin so you can log into WordPress.

    57,000 spam users

    The easiest and cleanest way to get your friend’s posts/comments, etc. and filter out the “spam users” would be to export XML of your friend-author via Tools > Export. Open up the XML file and check for hacks or virus, which would show up in middle or bottom part of the XML file.

    Create a new and clean database for your new and latest WP installation.

    When you import the XML file, make sure you check attachments or Attached images to be included importing the file.

    well i changed password(s) and deleted all plugins. so i am can access admin.

    can you clarify the xml export. do you mean in phpMyAdmin in the area where i backup db i, instead of exporting all the files as sql is select the user file only, for example, and export the xml.

    how do i read the xml ? with what application ?

    oh, i meant 57K comments, not users. so i would select wp-comments ?

    can you clarify the xml export.

    Login, Dashboard > Tools > Export – Author/your friend. Keep two XML backups in case you make mistake with edits.
    Open up xml with any plain text editor – notepad or textmate or wordpad. Check wp-comments.





    Login, Dashboard > Tools > Export


    i put up a site for a friend a couple of years ago and he has been running it. he has never upgraded and ….

    if 2 is correct, you probably dont have #1.

    that was introduced in later versions of wordpress.

    good luck with those “it should not take too much time” thoughts.

    Btw, what WP version was the old install in? Also, I remember now that in older WP versions, it’s Dashboard > Manage > Export – Author. Secondly, I don’t know what anti-spam plugin you had on before but before you export, Go to Dashboard > Comments and check if there was dropdown to filter spam and delete all before exporting XML. Do that in database as well before re-exporting database.

    does it make sense to upgrade to v2.8.4 and then tweak ? the current version is v2.1

    rogerthat whooami = time 😉

    v2.1 = tools are not to be found. if i don’t hear from anyone, later today i am going to upgrade wp and then start implementing your directives.

    akismet was the default anti-spam plug. will use it again along with sabre.

    This may be late, but …. disable all plugins, change to default theme, then do incremental WordPress upgrades – 2.1 to 2.2 to 2.3 to 2.5 to 2.6 etc. After you upgrade each version and access admin dashboard, run
    WP release archives –

    i am upgraded incrementally to v2.8.4. i cleaned out all but known users. i have restricted only registered users can comment, etc. changed passwords.

    i went to tool > export = deleted garbage. in the options section there is a drop menu to restrict authors and i only see the known authors. i selected “all authors”

    i went to tool > import = new xml. site looks ok but there are still over 45K spam posts. is that because i did not create a new and clean DB ? i haven’t created a new db before on an existing site. i will check with isp on how to do that. any other details before i proceed?

    tic toc tic toc…

    isp said to use db wizard in cpanel, use same name > good to go. anything else ?

    while i am in the process of changing the db i am still getting a flow of comments. at this time, all on one post. BUT, if you look at the post on the blog there are no comments. 45K comments in the admin but not public. hoping a new db will stop this bot from doing this…

    and the anti-spam plugs as well.

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