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  • The best e-commerce plugin on the best CMS platform.

    I’ve used the free woothemes and created bespoke themes with very few problems. Any problems I did have I managed to find answers to in the support docs or in the forums.

    There are also many premium add-ons and extras if you need them. These cost extra, but considering the base install is free, it’s a price worth paying.

    An area for improvement would probably be the documentation, but I still wouldn’t give this plugin less than 5-stars.

    I’m shocked to see so many 1-star reviews because reviewers had problems upgrading to the latest version (that had significant changes). There was plenty of warning, and why wouldn’t you try the upgrade out on a test installation? Crazy. Rating this plugin as 1-star is an insult.

    Big thanks to the Woo team for providing this core plugin for free.

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  • Thank you very much, of course this is what we love to hear. 🙂

    To pick up your improvement ideas: If you could improve our documentation, where would you start? What areas of the plugin do you feel are not documented as they should? We feel documentation is really important, so we’re happy to work on whatever our users need – so your feedback is really welcome!

    Hi Coen,

    Just some high level ideas for improvement with the docs:

    1) Biggest impact: pull the docs together in one place. I understand the idea of premium support when you’re logged into WooThemes, but perhaps this should just be Q/As or forum threads with Woo reps. At the minute, there is static help content in a few places: (the knowledge base here)

    This is just static content without taking into account the multiple support forums on your sites and WP sites.

    2) Improve the UI for the docs. For example, go to Click on say ‘Account Funds’ in the main content area. You’re taken to a page on a different domain, and you lose the main nav. The breadcrumb links take you to a different homepage( with a completely different UI.

    3) Tighten up on things that don’t work. Again, on the, try a few items in the left nav = 404s. Also go to – I find that the filters don’t work properly when combined. Try filtering to show woocommerce and free, or responsive and free, it doesn’t work with a combo of filters.

    4) Tighten up on docs that could be improved. I can’t remember specific examples, but over the last 10 months I’ve been using WooCommerce, I anecdotally remember reading doc pages that either just explained the obvious i.e. explaining an admin page with explanations you could guess from the label, rather than in a little more depth that explains what the effect of that option is. (Sorry for throwing this out there without a specific example).

    One good one I found this very morning where a bit of improvement would have saved me a lot of time – I was setting up a site with Wootique theme. I needed some dummy products, so thought to do a search to see if there was anything out there to populate my site. Lo and behold you guys have this page – – a brilliant example of the great tools you provide, and much appreciated. I imported just the xml, but my products weren’t showing on my site. I tried for a while changing a few things, changing my categories, looking at my page templates, it wouldn’t work, just a ‘no products’ message. I eventually found the answer buried in a comment thread on a third-party site. I had to go into each dummy product and re-save to get it to show. Simple, when you know how. If this was on the page where I downloaded the data from it would take it from good to great.

    Hope the above helps and you take it as constructive rather than critical. Like I mentioned in my original post I’m a huge fan, and hugely grateful for the tools you provide, and I’d still give you 5-stars even with the above gripes about the docs.


    Thanks again for this great list of feedback. 🙂 As you might be aware, we’re moving all our documentation to and that solves a lot of your remarks already. The wcdocs site is still active, but redirects everything already: redirects to:

    I’ve asked the people in charge of our new documentation site to come have a look at your feedback, and learn. 🙂

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