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  • Jeff responded to me about 5 minutes after I sent my email to him!

    That is exceptionally great support for ANY Plugin, let alone for a F*ree Plugin. In fact, I have not received support this good from some of the developers of Paid Plugins that I have.

    I highly recommend Jeff because he is great at providing support for this Responsive Plugin.

    I specialize in creating Mobile Websites for my clients, and the Free HMS Testimonials Plugin provides me with a nice Responsive display on my Mobile Theme. I also asked Jeff to consider adding support for a Captcha Plugin that will work better with Mobile Websites.

    He said he would consider adding this support in the near future. Most of the paid Plugin Developers don’t have time to help their clients like this.

    I highly recommend HMS Testimonials because it is a high quality Responsive Plugin.

    >>>Update April 4 2014<<<

    Today is 3 days after I spoke to you last.

    I specialize in Mobile Websites and I was going to try to use the Google reCaptcha feature for my submit testimonials page. But the reCaptcha feature is NOT Responsive so it made my page twice as wide as it was supposed to be when viewed in my Mobile Phone. So Jeff worked with me by adding support to his Plugin for the Captcha Plugin from BestWebSoft.

    Working with Jeff has been a real pleasure. I just gave Jeff a donation today, and I will give him another donation next month. It was worth it!

    Whenever I sent Jeff a question, he would answer in minutes, not in hours, or days.

    In fact, I just finished a marathon email session with Jeff where he kept answered my emails a minute after I sent them. It was almost like he was here in my office helping me add the finishing touches to his wonderful HMS Testimonials. I am going to delete all my other Testimonial Plugins from all of my other WordPress Sites and I am going to install the HMS Testimonial Plugin.

    If you are looking for a Responsive Testimonials Plugin for your WordPress site, please download this one without any hesitation.

    At this point, the plugin is free, but it works better than some of the paid plugins I have used. And Jeff provides support that is mostly unheard of in this industry. I only know of one or two others as good as Jeff with support.

    I made sure that Jeff added me to his email list and I will purchase anything he decides to sell in the future.

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