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  • The plug-in download site doesn’t provide a overview of the popularity of a plugin. So I’m just trying to get a sense here.

    So what are the five plugins you can’t live with out?

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  • perhaps something to add the repository? A list of popular plugins and plugins by category?

    I highly recommend WP-Hashcash and Kitten’s Spamwords – the only two tools I now use on all my WP intalls – captured 12 or spam posts last night on one of the installs. No problems with comments on my own page itself. Wonderful stuff.

    Can’t think of 5 – I only use three at best, and on most sites I currently use those two plugins.

    Fancy Tooltips I guess to pretty up your site, as is Image Headlines, though to say I can’t live without them is a bit much. I hear Matt’s Asides is a good plugin, though I don’t quite know what it does.

    Dr. Dave’s Spam Karma is the only one I can’t live without, though I’ve got 3 other plugs I’ve written to handle specific things on my blog. I also use Fancy Tooltips, Suggest, and wp-ContactForm cause they’re cool πŸ™‚ There’s a few others running on my site too, but those are the ones that are the most useful to me.

    SpamKarma (Dr.Dave) spiced with a hack and Paged comment edit (ColdForged), One click backup (LaughingLizard), Get custom field values and Hide/Cut post text (Coffee2Code) and RunPHP (Mark Somerville). Ok, that’s six and 1/3 — sorry πŸ˜› None of them for bling-bling even though I used loads of those, too

    I just wish if the plugin repository would be like the one in Mozilla extension library or repository.

    Yeah that would be nice! Ok here’s what I use:

    Comment Live Preview
    Contact Form
    Referral Karma

    The wp-plugin manager is pretty close – there is one click installation of a fair few plugins.
    As for ones I can’t do with – Customisable post listings (coffee2code), runphp, spam/ refferrer karma (dr dave) andwp-plugin manager.

    WP-Contact Form
    Spam Karma
    Comment Live Preview and…
    Fancy Tooltips

    Bonus round:
    Acronym Replacer
    CSS Compress (really does the job of reducing my style sheet)


    I only use 6 anyway at the moment..

    the only one I *really* couldn’t live without is moderate trackbacks (stupid spam)
    and also maybe Brian’s threaded comments

    The rest?
    Blogtimes, WP-pulse, gravatars and heavyweight categories

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    The only plugins I use are Spam Karma and Search Hilite.

    Minna, you should check out the latest release of Spam Karma (v1.20). It includes the hack you were mentioning.

    I see I’m in a room of bloggers who know quite a bit about plug-ins.

    I have a need, and don’t know if there’s already a plug in for it…

    I need a way to allow visitors to comment and attach a photo to their comment. Easily. These arenÒ€ℒt all savvy visitors – nor do all of them have websites to link their images from. Any tips or plug-in code to help them do this?

    Macmanx, cheers πŸ™‚ SK goes up in versions faster than I can keep up with!

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    Smartzville, create a separate topic for your request. That way, you’ll step out of this “room of bloggers who know quite a bit about plug-ins”, and step into a gigantic forum of bloggers who know quite a bit about plug-ins.

    Minna, he must be a really dedicated worker.

    (hacked) Staticize Reloaded

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    David, you’re biased. ^_-

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