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    First, great job on the plugin. This seems highly adaptable and able to take care of a lot of needs very easily.

    So what I need to do is provide 1-5 for $x, then charge $y for any quantity after that. To restate: if they want 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 the total price would be $x. If they want 6 or more, they still get the first five for $x, then must pay $y for each additional unit after.

    So if we are charging $10 for the first five, then $1 for each additional and they want 7 then the total price would end up being $12 ($10 for the first five + $1 for the last two).

    Thanks for the quick help here!

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    you should setup this rule
    But free version doesn’t support ranges for section “Product filters”.

    you can try demo
    thanks, Alex

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    Hey, thank you for the fast response, I really appreciate it!

    I was able to test on your test site and after updating the rule to be applied only once and setting the cost of the item to the ‘discounted’ rate charged for every unit after the first 5, I was able to get the order total to match my expectations.

    My only other wish is that we could do this without splitting the order into 2 lines. Just as you adjust the unit price for the first 5 units so the total price matches expectation, I wish the plugin would adjust the unit price of 8 products to match the final price expected inclusive of all discount methods. I do understand how difficult this would be.

    Thank you again for your quick response and assistance.


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