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  • How do I disable this; as a noob I need a little guidance.

    We have a brand name, where the first letter is always lower case. WordPress editor always makes it upper case. I need to change this and I assume its in the CSS code somewhere.

    No being a CSS guru, a little direction is appreciated.


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  • And we need a bit more info to help.
    Link with example? Does it happen in posts? (WP never changes my upper or lower case.) More details about facts, not assumptions.

    Private site…not public (corporate internal)

    Text as typed in title is…”pCareTV Basic”
    Test as displayed when article posted…”PCareTV”

    This is not in the post body, but in the post title

    Thx for the help

    Time to look at the style sheet then.

    What class in on your title? What’s the CSS look like for it?

    The only reason that would be happening is a setting in your CSS file. WordPress doesn’t automatically capitalize anything.

    If it’s the post title, then I’d look for a setting in the h2part of your CSS that says “text-transform:captialize”

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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