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  • I was looking for a way to add customer service information to the Woocommerce My Account page. I looked at a few premium plugins. Since my needs were pretty simple I chose this one because its price was lower than the others.

    The premium version of this plugin allows you to style the account area, arrange the account menu items, and create new account menu blocks. At first I tried adding the customer service information in the existing Orders tab. That didn’t work. I contacted support and they were responsive. They asked for temporary admin access and they went in and made sure the plugin was working properly. But they didn’t offer much direction as far as meeting my goals. They just pointed me to the Menu tab in the plugin for creating new endpoints.

    After playing with it a bit, I concluded that it wasn’t possible to edit the content of the default endpoints (Orders, Downloads, Edit account, Addresses, Payment methods, Logout). You can change their label, but not the internal content. So I finally decided to create a new “endpoint” (menu item) called customer service and put my information there. After playing with the tabs and the styling I was pretty easily able to create a My Account area that I really liked (the plugin even allows customers to upload their image, which looks really nice).

    One thing that would make this plugin more useful is comprehensive instructions for creating and editing different kinds of endpoints. For example,

    1. Is it possible to add content to the default endpoints or is my conclusion correct?

    2. If you have add-on plugins that add endpoints to the My Account area (Subscriptions, Points & Rewards, Smart Coupons, etc) you’ll need to add these manually to your account area in Custom My Account. To do that, just click on each menu item in the default account area and record the URL. Then create a new endpoint (menu item) in Custom My Account, choose “custom URL” rather than custom content, and paste the URL for the endpoint. This will work like a menu item the same way it works in the default account area.That would have been nice to know! The developers seem to assume that the typical WooCommerce user already knows how to do that. It took me quite a bit of experimenting to figure it out.

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