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  • Hi, I just updated to 3.13 and finally restored my backgrounds.

    Can you restore the way “Fit Image” options worked previously? Now they’re now in a single pulldown select list and you MUST choose one of “Fit Always”, “Fit Portrait” or “Fit Landscape.” Before they were individual boxes to tick and so effectively you could untick all 3 boxes which meant the image would fill the screen (with cropping). I have both portrait and landscape backgrounds and I want them to fill the screen regardless, now the landscapes or the portraits shrink depending on what i select. Thank you.

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  • I would like this as well. thanks

    Does anyone have temporary fix for this ?

    The only fix I could think of was to edit the plugin itself which is not ideal since any changes would be overridden by automatic updates. Was hoping the plugin creator would see this note in the forum and respond instead. Meanwhile, I restored version 3.11.

    Plugin Author Benoit De Boeck


    Your wish is my command 😉
    I have just released v.3.1.5 with an additional option to Always fill screen (equivalent to switching off the others – Fit Always, Fit Portrait, Fit Landscape). Sorry to have forgotten about that possibility when modifying the way it was selected.


    Thank you very much. The site ive been working on is soon ready to be released, just need a little more content:)

    Hello, thanks for this great plugin. When choose “Fit Always”, it still looks constrained on ipad and smartphones. I used to fix this in previous versions via @media (CSS) but its not working.

    Many thanks


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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