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  • Hi Michael, I have a slight issue with the watermark being added to large images.
    The watermarked image is being stretched out and looks horrid.

    In the setting “Fit the image” I have Shrink to keep aspect, so why is the image being stretched instead. This only happens on larger images.


    Is there a way to have the watermarked image shrink to fit small images and then normal watermark on larger images(ie not stretched).

    My settings are…
    Fir The Image: Shrink to keep aspect
    Horizontal position: Align Left then move 10 pixels to right
    Width Desired: 65 Pixels
    Width Min:10%
    Width Max:80%
    Vertical Position: Align Top then move 10 pixels to bottom

    Height Desired: 50 Pixels
    Height Min: 10%
    Height Max: 80%

    Thank you Michael

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  • Plugin Author Michael Zangl



    By setting a min height/width you force the plugin to increase the watermark size to at least 10%.

    Try setting width min and height min to 1px. It will then be able to use your desired width/height everywhere.

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