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    A little story for those who recoginize me from the forums. February 2, 2013 I started a job for a client of mine. I was tasked with creating a WordPress site “locally” and then transfering said site to a webserver “.com”.

    Coming into this job I had 14 Years of hands on experience repairing PC’s and some web site development experience through – All that experience but needless to say I was quite lacking in this job I took. I had only the slightest idea of how to do what I was tasked with.

    Well . . . yesterday February 13, 2013 I succesfully completed that job. I got paid for the first time ever for creating a website and I am a proud creator of the WordPress site that now resides at “”.

    I really want to say however that the help I found in this project was astounding. Between the forums, youtube, and helpful users I found along the way I felt as though I had an entire web development team working on this site. So thank each and every one of you who contributed to site. It could not and would not have been finished without you.

    I would love to list names but the list is quite astonishingly long. From all the Youtube users, WordPress users on the Forums, to an actual WordPress Tutorial App, So many actually helped I wouldn’t have room to list all the names. But thank you all so much and please critique my first website ever!!

    P.S. I’m building a site for an online gaming alliance next but I really want to build this one from scratch, custom everything I possibly can. It will be a long project but I’m thirsty for more WordPress knowledge. Already have a fresh wamp install and the only thing I’ve done is add a background which looks great! Hope to see you all again soon.

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