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  • Any advice on how to make this better???

    It looks good. Is that theme a custom theme?

    i got the main theme from

    personally I would change the font style if you can and make it darker.

    I was actually thinking about making the font a little darker. It’s currently set up the way it came with the theme.
    I’ll look into it, thanks!

    yes make it darker so it may be easier to read..

    Any other suggestions?
    Or do you think it’s pretty good the way it is. It’s my first website, so I’m hoping I did everything right. lol

    I mainly watched the home page and it looks quite good, but i would try to make everything a bit lighter and more elegant.

    The background doesn´t work so well with the greens in the pictures. Maybe try another color not toosaturated; dark green or blue, soft orange, bordeaux, even a soft grey or a white?
    I would try the home page without the link icon too (back to…) or at least i would make it more minimalistic (the header fonts already do it well).
    I would maybe avoid the youtube video in the main page. It´s not too proffesional and the composition would be nicer in my opinion. You can show the video option in some other place of the site.
    As the slider is the first thing you watch i would take care about the pictures;
    The sitting girl one doesn´t work because of her weird position, the imperfections in the grass…I would try with some architectural detail instead. The building looks nice.
    The chair´s picture could be of better quality too. Try to get a nice picture of it, well focused and with enough resoultion, which shows the same scene with all the green space and the same setting.
    The other pictures do work quite well :).

    Now my question. I see that you are using elegantthemes but i would like to know about the home slider to try it in my site. I´ve seen it around but don´t know which one it is. I can´t figure it out with the firebug. Anyone knows?

    You have a better picture of the wedding setting in the gallery.
    The two men with ties is a great photo, maybe too much for the home page?
    In case you avoid the video you could keep some audio for the home page. Is it possible to play audio without breakdowns for the whole site?

    changed the background.

    We’re getting a bunch of new photos pretty soon from some recent weddings here, so some of the photos will be changing soon. Thanks for the input on them though. It helps to know which ones other people like.

    I plan to put a little more text on the home page, kind of like a short introduction. So it’ll be changing also in a bit.

    I’d like to keep a video on the main page. I might make it a little smaller and put a white background on the video so that it looks a little smoother with the theme though.

    I was thinking also about having the video automatically play, which would also serve as nice background music, but it seems like some people don’t like that (media playing automatically). I’m still debating.

    It looks fine except the faded edge on photos is very 1995 and the font for “back to” is dreadful, make it helvetica or something simple.

    I like the look other than that.



    Hi there,

    Great efforts and really good results.

    Please add xml sitemap and tagging too for better search engine visibility.


    Manoj Sharma

    [sig moderated as per the Forum Rules]

    I just installed the All-in-one seo pack and I’m working on getting that setup.

    About the pictures, I really wanted to put a nice looking border/frame around them. Is there a plugin that helps with that?

    not sure what you mean by ‘xml sitemap’… lol… sorry, it’s my first website.

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