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  • Anyone as irritated as I by Matt’s recent April Foolery might be interested in my Dashboard enhancement plugin for WordPress, which I call “Zeitgeist”.

    Zeitgeist lets you see what is happening on your blog and get there, now!

    Best of all, with Zeitgeist, Matt can’t spam you unless you want him to. If you want the Dashboard back, deactivate Zeitgeist.

    Zeitgeist One will be available soon. Beta testers welcome.

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  • I’ve been busy on Zeitgeist today. There is a new demonstration and a couple of screenshots.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Irritated by WordPattern? How can you get irritated by that?

    And Matt does not spam. The dashboard is there to assist those people who wish to keep up with WP news but do not visit those sites.

    And $5? Now that IS a joke, right?

    Zeitgeist is all about telling you what is going on.

    You see who you are.

    You see the current time and your interest settings.

    You see a summary of the interesting posts, comments, categories and people.

    You see the most recent posts with comments and commenters of interest.

    You see the most recent comments, where they were made and by whom.

    You see the most recent categories and the posts to which they relate.

    You see the interesting people, what they last did, when and where.

    Then you start to play. Look for titles. Click on the strange symbols. What does that do? click Oooooo…! 🙂

    Why would I joke about money? The time and effort of a professional craftsman is worthy of compensation.

    Zeitgeist saves me time and effort. It makes my blog more convenient to use. That’s why I built it. It’s a time-saving convenience. You’ll save $5 in no time and without effort.

    Why not beta-test? The reward is a release version at no charge. It is a limited offer. First 13 only.

    Hahaha…this is too funny.. =D As for coming up with $5.00 in no time, try being in my time once lmao!! Where $5.00 means like having $100.00.. =P Nah, it’s not that bad, but still.. $5.00 for a plugin..screw that! I need all the $5.00’s I can get my hands on lol!


    Aren’t you the least bit interested in trying, for no charge, a pre-release version of a plugin that costs a one-off 5 bucks, per blog, per version?

    Matt charges more for Akismet, yet Zeitgeist is 83% better written.

    I’m planning to spend on Google ads. 🙂

    But that’s if your a Pro-Blogger, and a regular plugin for non-pro bloggers for $5 ? Why?

    Because it’s worth it. It is a measure of quality. Why else does something come with a price tag?

    A lot of thought goes in to what I make. I write quality code. I’m not so hot on manuals, but I have help.

    i can’t believe that people are taking this, too, seriously… lol

    I’m serious. My Zeitgeist plugin is now in final quality test prior to a beta release. It’s looking lovely, if I do say so myself!

    I still have a manual to write. Grumble, grumble.

    Oh.. 🙂 Let me guesss. April Fools ?

    If so, heesh was not only a day late….

    Oh.. 🙂 Let me guesss. April Fools ?

    Hahaha.. =P

    i can’t believe that people are taking this, too, seriously… lol

    I’m not =P, I just think it’s funny, that’s why I posted what I did with some sarcasm lol! Oh well..time to get back to working on another crappy theme…that’s more important than this lmaO!!


    wordpress is free to use so i wont pay for an addon to something that is free.

    makki – it’s not real. chill.

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