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  • I’m sorry – it’s so dark I can’t read it very well…admittedly I have old eyes.

    I agree – gray on black is too difficult to read, and I don’t have old eyes.

    Actually, I don’t have a problem with the readability at all, and my eyes are maybe older than most around here! In fact, I like the look. Lime green’s not my fav color, but it does work well there.

    As a first site, I think you’ve done pretty well.

    Nice one.


    “Design the impossible” is not aligned and it disturbs me that is just hanging there.

    and a suggestion:

    Make font-sizes in EM to let also IE users to resize text.


    Looks good – clean and modern design.

    I like the look and feel. It’s appropriate for an Art related site IMHO.

    One thing that I feel is needed is more information about your site. Opon first glance, all I saw was blog postings and nothing telling me, in my face, what your site is about. You have an about page, which is good, but I had to look for it.

    When I go to a site, I want to know what it is within 5 seconds, or I leave. Thats just me, I realise, but I also feel it’s important to convey the message to new visitors.

    The blog is a good idea, go with it if it works for you. You may want to expand your content as your users grow and your blog may not be enough to keep up for demand, but it’s efinately achievable. What I’m getting at is that you may want to consider designing to appear as a CMS type of site where more information can be thrown around for your users.

    Just my $0.02

    Nice job, good idea, looks nice. Keep up the good work, your onto something with a great name like that!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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