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  • leejosepho


    I think you have made a good beginning, and I agree that we humans only fabricate or manipulate, not “create”.

    Are you aware of the font problem? Everything is illegible to me in Firefox 23.



    Looks very nice. Takes i little time to load the good images…

    I would also look at the browser issue.



    leejosepho, no I wasn’t aware of the font problem. I’ll take a look…
    Marcus, can you tell me more about the browser issue…



    PS. Thank you for the input



    My guess would be that you are presently viewing your site in your own favorite browser and everything looks fine. So, it seems your next challenge is to look at your site in a variety of browsers and do some tweaking for browser compatibility.



    Thanx, will do…




    Observations :

    Love your images.

    It took a long time to load the page. Top of images are cut off.

    Check the image sizes.

    You have 2 “home” links.

    “Gallery” link is “not found”

    Keep plugging at it and it will be great.





    Looks good, But if I were you I use pinterest. And I looked for sitemap and a RSS feed, I could not find.



    Hi joke61. It’s a very nice and easily navigated website. Well done.



    It is a good site. It would be much better if it was loaded a bit faster.



    Very slow to load. Multiple image issues…size, dimensions, optimization, etc. Because of the large images, the page size is huge. Do some research on the subject.

    Go here to see a page speed report:

    Also, your logo is so small it is unreadable.

    The size of your home page is too high. Its more than 5 MB and its really high for a web page, Also the page score of website is 20% which is too low. I couldn’t load your website successfully and i think you must optimize it a lot.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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